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Construction, Logistics, Transportation, Fuel Services, Management System and Procurement are just a few of the services GTC provides. We see the success of Afghanistan as our success. We are building infrastructure for the many nations who are here to help Afghanistan mature in the global market.

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Global Trust Professional Group of Companis (GTPGC) has established a supply chain and a trusted group of vendors internationally. We keep a list of vendors who are trusted and can be counted on to deliver quality goods on time. Our NGO and US ARMY call on us when they lose a partner to graft.

Our Qualities

Our unique perspective and experience give us insight into how to solve complex issues in Afghanistan. Our Construction, Logistics and Transportation projects are successful, because we have built GTC on relationships. It is people, not technology or many that makes a project successful.

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GTC full supports their customers, employees, their vendors and the community. GTC takes a 360 degree approach to service. We have contingency plans backed up by an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to keep projects on track and deliverables on time and within budget. Safety and security are never far from the heart of GTC.

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